Our Day old Peeps

Our peeps that we ordered from a hatchery came today. It is always an exciting ride to the post office to pick up our noisy package.


Too cute!!

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Two Country Picture Tuesday 11/24

Happy Tuesday,

We have 2 cats and they are really hard to tell apart. This guy kept following me around the yard, so I started following him(camera in hand).


“Red”, I know so original!


Another use for the pile of wood, check out those claws!!

See you next week!!  Happy Thanksgiving! I will be taking some time off to visit with my out of town guests. Lynn

Family Tradition, passed down

I come from a long line of people who like to sew. My grandmother made quilt’s, I even have 2 of the last quilt tops she made not to mention a stack of squares ready to be assembled. Quilting is an art I have not mastered, maybe someday. My mother made clothes, I remember in one of my school pictures I was wearing an outfit she made, I loved it! Continue reading

Broilers will be processed this weekend

The broiler chickens are ready and the weather this weekend will be perfect. We are borrowing a “chicken plucker” from a friend and gathering the other equipment. We need rubber gloves to protect our hands  from the hot water, a large pot for boiling water, a clothe to cover the table, and a variety of other supplies to make to the process easier. We will post pictures and more info probably Monday.

Broilers 7 1/2 weeks

We are quiet pleased with how the broilers are doing even though the weather here has been a bit cold. It will probably be 2 more weeks, before the big day. We are making room in the freezer and planning a cook out. Broilers are a hybrid chicken created for the soul purpose of food. If you want to raise your own meat these Cornish rocks are a good choice. They grow fast and since they are to be butchered when they are young they are tender.

7 1/2 weeks

7 1/2 weeks

Broilers 7.5 weeks

Broilers 7.5 weeks

Broiler chickens Update 5 1/2 weeks

Wow, The Broilers are looking good with almost all their feathers. It is the first full day of Spring and the chicks first full day in the new Coop. They have a lot more room and are enjoying the sunlight that beams through the windows.

So far the broilers have cost $3.37 each. We have a total of 15.


Pumpkin picking day

Pumpkin picking day

We found all sizes of pumpkins in the patch. The wheel barrow was saved from the scape pile; when the bucket broke away  from the bolts, I asked my husband if we could make a flat bed wheel barrow out of some scrapes of oak and old barn siding, we got from friends. And whaa laa a very useful and decorative looking wheel barrow. In fact he liked it so much that he put together a second one. After digging in the weeds, he produced another wheel barrow with a bad wheel and a bad bucket, so we used one of the wheels that I have used for decoration for several years,  then put together another platform. Now we have his and her matching wheel barrows.

100_2696These are some of my fresh from the field favorites, The tall one stands about 20″ and tipped the scale at 39 1/4 lbs.

And if you are wondering about the pumpkin I originally started taking pictures of, well… something ate it. We went down to pick the pumpkins and something had eaten about a third of it. I guess it tasted pretty good.