Our Home

Welcome to “Homesteading on 4D acres”. My husband and I love our place in the country and would like to share our experiences with you. We have 4 grown daughters, hence the name “4-D”, the girls have all flown from the coop.We also have 2 wonderful grandchildren, who love to come visit and help around the farm. We love to garden, raise chickens and we are always building and trying new things. My husband is the cook and is the one who primarily takes care of the animals and cutting of the wood. I am the baker, sewer, photographer and writer(in the making), plus I hold down a full-time job.

We spend a lot of our time outdoors doing all sorts of things around the our place. So, take a look around, whether you are aspiring to move to your own place in the country or you are just interested in seeing what fellow homesteaders are doing, we hope you enjoy our articles as much as we enjoy writing them.

Stop by our Facebook page to get a daily update of what we are doing or selling. https://www.facebook.com/homesteadingon4dacres

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